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Honey Sticks!!

As we are winding down 2010 (gosh.... I can't believe how fast the year buzzed by), it's that time to think about gift giving. Remember the criteria folks... 1) the gift must be unique 2) the gift must be useful and 3) the gift MUST be delicious! So why not try our honey. Unique, useful and darn right delicious. If you are looking for something like a stocking stuffers, you might try our hand filled honey sticks. Or perhaps our wonderful lip balm. Wanna jazz it up? Try our creamed honeys. Habenero, cinnamon, marionberry....OH MY! So much to choose from. Jump here to check out our honey. Or here for some other gift giving ideas. Try our unique candles that are so beautiful to burn (click here)


We Welcome "Essence of Simplicity! Raw Honey Skin Care by Sweet As Can BEE Honey Farm!

Time to Eat Your Pollen!

I am very happy to introduce to you our first skin care product from our raw honey skin care line, "Essence of Simplicity"! The Honey Carrot Cleanser and Exfoliate was chosen as our first product because of it's simplicity and it's accessibility. Anyone can use it, any skin type, male or female. Simply sweet, easy to use, and great for your skin!

A Must Try Recipe!!!

Featured Recipe for May

Jazzy Honey Mustard

One fun thing I enjoy doing is taking a simple recipe and changing it up a little. Yes, "plain" honey mustard is good but let's try to make it great.... and a little different. By building flavors, you will be suprised how wonderful this is. Use it as a simple glaze on a steak or perhaps put a little in a sauce. Glazed on vegetables is wonderful and in mashed potatoes is tasty! Enjoy and have fun with this one!

Blackberry Ribs with Habenero Honey Glaze