Poll Umfrage

April 20, 2004, CWC was released to the public, which turns out to be today as exactly at the age of 9. This is a good reason to celebrate, if you us questions. But before you open the champagne, you have two messages to make: our forum is still greater than the same mod, and we had to close a long time ago for new records. Today, we want a more modern style and wise and easier for you to stay us, offer this account for this reason that we have created. Do not forget to enjoy and spread the word! Find more news and updates on the Convention. Which brings us to the second call. If I got bored of the CWC, another excuse for playing must no longer find now. Today our ninth anniversary we are proud to present. For those of you, I don't know, who even is the code name for a map of ACC random number generator. You can generate fully and completely playable cards skirmish in a few seconds. And do you know what is the best? It's open source! You can download, modify or extend the source code. So poll umfrage now about the part! We hope that you enjoy the last days of the year. Because the Christmas gifts is not (or?), we have something for you a little teaser instead: health, ACC team. Hi all!So you know, we have the opportunity, in our forum to register disabled, because we had recently some problems with spam. Of course, users who are already registered, can the Forum without restriction. All new users can search only. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but at the same time, there was little action in recent years and most of the problems were discussed and now archived, so that anyone can read. Thank you very much and greetings, team ACC, etc.