How To Dj Digital Fast

A professional club DJ for almost 30 years that I have been that was approaching this book with some fear and lots of previous studies. I thought, this is certainly another DJ-101 manual-with only half of the facts and of the authors would try to make a quick buck!I was wrong! Call someone who is primarily a copy of last night, the DJ, DJ saved my life, the definitive book on the history of real history when it came to DJ. Then start from scratch. A wonderful job explaining the individual how to dj digital fast techniques and skills for DJ effectively without condescension or going numb feeling. You might say that you can find this information on the net, but believe me, it is not possible, because there is so much misinformation on the net. No doubt help the authors are DJs themselves and know what they're talking about. And I have to admit, even I learned something after all these years. My only concern with the book, is that it is certainly a UK flavor. While the authors show a deep knowledge of the music industry in General, it would be good if more time spent in the United States, where it all began. I still don't have any mention of the registration system of the swimming pool (an invaluable resource to obtain promotions) and a book with so much information, that was completely surprised that eventually has no index. It would be nice to go back and find more easily, the bits of information. A great read, a pleasant surprise. And the book is dedicated to two men, who have all started. He is a class act and ,.