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Again, Hello everyone! It was a couple of weeks and never rest Speedrunners, so we have a number of updates today to the community. We started with a few races of SpeedRunsLive takes place. Saturday, February 28, 1:0 hours EST, a marathon of NES, with 20 classics played back is crazy, it is doing so. You can impress to monitor the progress of the race in the InfestedRiche channel. Now run registration # 6 puzzles, competitors are unknown puzzle tournament games for them before the race. The last secret tournaments were very popular, and this issue has already been 132 competitors that I write this. Registration for MT # 6 and ends Friday, February 27, and the tournament begins on Friday, March 6. ('ZenicReverie' for the heads up on these events Shoutout!)It would be no normal day speed runs community if some documents are not included. Within hours after my last post on Super Metroid, «Béhémoth» resumes, registration of any % with a time of 0:43:12. But broke this week Zoast Matt Thorne with 00:43:04. In secret of Mana, «StingerPA», inclined to a new record in the control of the 1-2 class, 01. Improve 58 «Yagamoth» 22, the previous record of 19 seconds. These two are the drivers in this game and his skills in his co - op 01-folder definitively the best. 54.36, 2015 finished AGDQ of the practice room. As a new record action platform game Knight popular indie shovel saw a new integer % 00:46:07 by «BustahWuff», eclipsing the previous mark of 0:46:41 by 'Capndrake'. With conductors such as «3ngag3», «MunchaKoopas» and «Mystakin» in this game and new content soon by developers, works, it is a game with a bright future of sprinting. Let's talk about final fantasy. Final Fantasy 4 which we have seen, breaking all the stairs. «Welcotar», who recently discovered that final fantasy original Famicom scales that can be used for the execution of arbitrary code and «TheAxeMan», «Inzult» and «Tourbillon» has its goal to reduce the game to a burning ruin. Among employers force experienced to escape mishaps even all four balls of light and warp directly to disaster, a number of ways to achieve. The end result (so far!) is this 0: 07 20 'Whirlwind' and although most of scale, I would suggest, go to see and enjoy the reward. Before speed runs live forums I'd like to end this post, I do the SDA quickly two things here. A large part of our mission is to know about the extent of the process of speed racing. For this purpose, we have a wiki, knowledge base, we recommend you to use and develop without reservation. Recently ' Arctic and worked hard for a KB has to build, because the fortress page and believe that it serves as an excellent example for other games. At the end of the presentation of the things that we use will be a process of public audit, for almost two years, where it is published in the public forum and executions can play for the AV and quality check to all members of the SDA. We currently have a large influx of public executions, and we would like your help in this process. Beyond had hoped it not, the increase of the public in general, do not reduce. Again, we will have more news from the community for the future. Remember all our capacity, news relevant they are not as well as our knowledge about what you want to see the coverage. Don't forget to send any suggestions for events of interest for the speed runs. We give a Shoutout in the news, if we publish your tip. Thanks again!. .